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Tobacco-free nicotine

The EU tobacco product restrictions have made way for tobacco-free nicotine pouches to rise above their alternatives. They are considered to be the most clean way to consume nicotine, mainly because they don’t contain any tobacco or tar in any form. The pouches contain either tobacco derived nicotine or synthetic nicotine.

Variety of flavours

Nicotine pouches can be in a variety of flavours and strengths. Our nicotine pouches are made of the best quality ingredients and have a wide range of flavours and strength - from 12mg to 30mg per gram.

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Our mission

Cigarette smoking has become a big problem for not only the consumers but the people around them as well. Our goal is to reduce the harm of nicotine consumption by offering an alternative to tobacco. Oral pouches significantly reduce harm to the consumer and eliminates the threat done to bystanders and the environment.


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Tobacco free

  • Does not include tobacco
  • Cleanest way to consume nicotine
  • Fastest nicotine consumption


  • Produced 100% nature friendly, white textile
  • Includes natural oils
  • Sensational fresh taste is created with peppermint

How to use

  • Place it between your upper lip and gum
  • Hold for 5-30min
  • Pouches do not harm teeth and do not create unpleasant tobacco smell


N.G.P Tobacco ApS is an official manufacturer of tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Our company was established by a group of experienced people from the tobacco industry. N.G.P Tobacco is one of the first companies to manufacture all-white snus. The nicotine pouches are produced in Denmark in the beautiful town of Aalborg. 

Our goal is to make nicotine consumption less harmful by switching to non-tobacco compositions infused with nicotine and different flavours as an alternative. The main focus is on constantly improving our existing products to reflect our clients' needs. We are always trying to find new interesting flavours so anyone who wants a nicotine pouch will find exactly what they are looking for in terms of taste and strength.


In case of inquiry, contact us and we will reply shortly

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Phone: +45 70 90 92 00
e-mail: info@ngptobacco.dk


Karlskogavej 6A,
Aalborg SV, 9200,

CVR no: 41201908
CVRP no: 1025610810